What’s It All About?

Does the world need another Blog? Maybe not, but for me, the inspiration came like a flash of lightning when I realized that my life long obsession with learning new things was not a bad thing, just a jumble of many things I like.

So, that’s what this blog is about; things I like to do. I’ll try to tag the entries so that if you’re not into a subject, you can skip it and go to something else that might catch your eye.

The tagline of the blog “Spinning Yarns (Figuratively and Literally)” is because not only do I enjoy spinning fiber into yarns but I also enjoy writing stories (“Yarns”). So you’re likely to find posts that relate to those things. But you might also find posts about my interests in music, theater, diet, tai chi, scrapbooking, weaving and who knows what else. It’s an eclectic mix of things, just like I am.



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