Fiber Prep for Tour de Fleece

Today I began preparing black Shetland wool from “Nightshade’s” fleece to spin for the Tour de Fleece event beginning on Saturday. I mentioned this before in the post about “Spinner Central” and in the “Acupuncture and Washing Fleece” post.

I used my English Combs to comb small amounts of fiber at a time.

The combs separate out the longest fibers leaving behind shorter and noiled bits.

Once organized I used a Diz to pull off a long sliver of fiber with all the individual fibers laying parallel to one another.

This results in little “bird’s nests” of fiber ready to take to my wheel and spin.

I have more to prepare before Saturday, but my plan is to spin fiber I need to make the Shetland Tartan blanket I’ve been working on for awhile. More on that as it progresses.


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