Quick Post

its been too long since I’ve posted. Life and the Tour de Fleece have kept me busy. Visited the All-Indian Center in Wichita, Kansas again today. It’s such a peaceful place. I took my spinning and sat in the lobby happily spinning to some lovely Native American music. They have a couple of patches of … More Quick Post

Visiting Alpacas

Today, I visited my friend, Laura Tepke, who owns a small Alpaca farm near where I live. I wanted to get a tan/fawn colored “blanket”. She didn’t disappoint. I also got a “rose” one from “Enya”. No kidding, it’s not white or brown. The shearer said it has something to do with blood supply moving … More Visiting Alpacas


Five years ago today, I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy that also removed 2 lymph nodes and then chemotherapy every three weeks for three cycles. I was negative for genetic predisposition, and the cancer was triple negative for hormone therapy. After the chemo, I did six weeks of radiation … More Milestone

First Penguin

Well…First wild Morning Glory.    I had an art teacher who would ask for volunteers on going first for presentations. She’d call them “first penguins” because it was like the first penguin into the ocean leading the others after it, I think. This phrase came from CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) professor Randy Pausch’s book called … More First Penguin