Loyalhannon Spinners

It’s been way too long since I made a post. Guess I’ve been busy. Actually, I’ve been working on weaving projects for holiday gifts. I’d love to share pictures, but I’d better wait until the gifts are given, just in case the people receiving them are following the blog (and I know some of you are).

So, instead, I thought I’d share with you a little information about the Loyalhannon SpinnersIMG_2334one of the spinning groups I belong to.

We meet once a month, on the third Saturday of the month, at the St. Vincent Archabbey Gristmill, part of the St. Vincent College campus in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. This charming building houses a working gristmill where the monks grind wheat and corn into flour for sale in their gift shop.

IMG_2335 IMG_2336

During our most recent meeting, on October 17th, we had a presentation by one of our members, Susan Rex, on “chain plying” AKA “Navajo Plying”. She demonstrated for a few minutes and then turned everyone loose to try it on their own wheels. I was so busy enjoying the time, that I forgot to take pictures.

One of the nice things about chain plying, is that it creates a 3-ply yarn, which is a bit more round than a two-ply, making it good for knitting socks. Another good thing about the technique, is that you can control the placement of color in your finished yarn. So, if you’ve spun a fiber that was created with multiple colors and you’d like to keep the colors together in the plied yarn, this technique facilitates this. You are taking one strand of yarn (your singles) and making a series of loops like crochet loops causing the adjacent yarn to be plied together, rather than the usual plying method of taking individual singles strands and plying them together as you go.

It’s not a difficult technique to do, but it does take a little practice to get into a rhythm. All the spinners were working along getting into their own rhythm in a matter of minutes. We agreed that being able to try it out after seeing the demonstration made a lot of sense.

I don’t know what’s in store for our November meeting, but I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll remember to take more pictures.


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