Shetland Tartan Blanket Project (Part 1)

For about a year and a half I’ve been spinning wool for a woven lap blanket. I chose fleeces from a local farm, washed them and then combed the fibers into “top” that I have been spinning on my Majacraft spinning wheel.

All of this didn’t start out with such a grand plan. I bought fleeces in four different natural colors because I wanted to have a variety of colors: 1) a grey that also had white and black which I used for a sweater project  

 (the sheep was called “Ontario Fire”);  

 2) a black fleece from “Nightshade”; 

    3)a brown fleece (also known as moorit  (sheep was named “Hollyanne”-I needed a fleece from two years to have enough);   and 4) a white lamb’s fleece from “Opal”. 
 When I was first learning weave, I got the idea that I’d like to weave a tartan plaid pattern. So I did some research and read about how it is done. Some previous blanket projects (see the previous post on the dog blanket) led me to believe that I could try this, but I’d need to learn about twill and double weave techniques. 
In the next part, I’ll talk about that and where I am currently in the project. It’s quite an adventure and a wonderful learning experience.


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