Toltec Wisdom Continued and Why I Create

After writing the previous post, I realized that I didn’t mention the fourth agreement: “Always do your best.” This principle runs through everything, and like the others, might seem easy to accomplish. 

Well, it is if you understand that it doesn’t mean some imagined perfection. It is a principle whose application changes depending on how you’re feeling or what you are doing. YOUR best is just that. It’s “truth” for you from your view of reality. We can’t really see inside someone else’s reality only our own. To measure your performance on some vision of what you think someone else’s story tells you to do is a great source of suffering and pain.

This echoes the other principles, because you are already perfect, just as you are, and no voice in your head (you know the one I mean) that tries to tell you to be “better”, “thinner”, “faster”…is telling you the truth.

That voice in your head sabotages you from doing your best. You’ll know if at any given point in time you are doing your best without needing to be critical of yourself. You may even feel a sense of peace, and the “voice of knowledge” in your head will go quiet.

The reason I’m writing so much about these principles is that I’m trying to find the truth in “why I create”. The Toltecs considered themselves artists. I believe art is communication. Fortunately, communication can mean many things. I enjoy creating in many different ways: printed words, photography, music, drawing, fiber arts… The list goes on.

In my Toltec journey, I’ve found that asking “why” allows me to search for truth rather than a pre-fashioned belief (Saboteur voice in my head). So, why do I create? 

I like the way it makes me feel when I express myself and make connections. The act of “doing” is akin to truth for me and a feeling of love: for myself, as well as for others.

So, if I make something, like yarn that I might weave into a useful object like a towel or blanket, it’s been created with truth. I’ve expressed my love for the materials, the process and the result. Using the object, giving it, or even selling it, allows me to pass some of that on to others. It is an expression of truth for me.

And so, I’ve created this “story” that is only true from my perspective. I give it to you.


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