Being Inspired


In the middle of May, my spinning guild once again participated in a fleece-to-shawl competition at the Waynesburg Fiber Festival. This year, we chose a theme based on the book series and TV shows “Outlander.” The Scottish highlands are very inspiring to me, as is this series. We dressed our display in all things Scottish, including a little faerie garden complete with “standing stones”. I was able to find my grandfather’s Mason sword and sash to add to the atmosphere.


Then during Memorial Day weekend, I traveled Wooster, Ohio to attend the Great Lakes Fiber Festival. They have a sheep show and auction, as well as many vendors selling fiber and fiber-related objects. I’m always inspired to see the lovely things people make for sale.


A couple of years ago, at a Fiber Festival in East Aurora, New York (you get the theme here?) I found roving made from Gotland sheep that was dyed this beautiful green. This sheep breed was used to make yarn and weave the cloaks used in “The Lord of The Rings” movies by Peter Jackson. I also bought some gray roving at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in 2015 to go with this green roving.

I began spinning the green and it is lovely. I suspect the original fiber was gray and when dyed, made this mossy color that I really enjoy. I’ve begun spinning the gray. I have much more of the gray than that green, but want to make something in homage to “The Lord of The Rings” which have been such an inspiration to me. The quality of the workmanship they put into these films moves me every time I watch the special features that come with the discs.

And finally…


My father, Rix Jennings. This photo was taken by David Geer of East Aurora. He posted it on Facebook recently under a group “You Know You’re From…”. My father has always inspired me in his attention to detail, his gentle nature and his lifelong work as an artist.


One thought on “Being Inspired

  1. Wow! What a post!

    How did you find your grandfather’s sash & sword? Love the pic of your dad. I can see the similarities in you both. Hope you are having a good week.

    Kevin had knee surgery yesterday. Torn meniscus, some arthritis and they took stem cells from his pelvis and injected them into his knee in hopes of regrowing some cartilage. We won’t know for about 3 months if the stem cells will grow, but he’s a good candidate.

    Hugs to you!


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