Churro Rug Project Update

Today, I began to card the “black” Churro fleece for the Rug project I talked about in the last post.


I’ve had this drum carder for about a year, and the first time I used it, I wasn’t very successful. But, I let a little time go by and had another year of experience with fiber, and decided to try again. I’m so glad that I did. It works like a charm and makes the fluffiest batts of fiber. So I guess you could say I’ve gone a little “batty” today.

It turns out the the other three fleeces for the project have already been carded. So I only have to do this one and I’m ready to spin.

I also found out that the amount of yarn I have to make is much less, because there is no reason why I have to spin a thin yarn and double it in the weaving. I can just make a thicker yarn and use it by itself. Seems rather obvious now, but at the time, the thought didn’t cross my mind.

I had a lovely chat with Tom Knisely (former General Manager of The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center-now closed. Now he’s helping his daughter, Sara Bixler at Red Stone Glen Farm Fiber Arts Center (check them out on Facebook, as their website is still being built). Tom has also done some amazing videos for Interweave Press that I have watched and re-watched. His rug video shows the actual pattern that I’m using for this project (with altered colors for the Churro fleeces). I called and talked directly to him (OK, I’m a little star-struck still even though I’ve talked to him before). He kindly told me that he doubled the yarn in his pattern because it was what he had readily available. He confirmed my intuition about yarn size and put my mind at ease about what I’m planning to do.

Whew!! I’m relieved and very excited about this project. Can’t you tell? When was the last time I posted 2 days in a row?


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