Batts, Glorious Batts

The batts of brown/black Churro fleece are done and I’m ready to start sampling for the yarn I’ll need to spin for the Churro Rug.

The first step was to weigh the batt (69 grams) and spin some singles yarn trying to get close to a target size.

I want my yarn to be 8 WPI (wraps per inch) after washing. So I spun a few yards of singles at 16-18 WPI using my spinner’s control card (top right). Then I actually wrapped some of the singles. Those came out to 18 wraps in an inch. To see what freshly-spun 2-ply yarn would look like, I let some of the spun singles fold back on itself. This worked out to about 8-10 WPI on the spinner’s control card. The variation is due to inconsistencies in my spinning.

But wait, I have to see what changes will happen when washed. I measured out 2 yards of 2-ply freshly spun yarn and took it for a dip in a little warm water and mild dish soap. After soaking for a few minutes, I rinsed it in similar temperature water and hung it outside to dry.

Two yards didn’t take very long to dry. Then I brought it in, measured it on the spinner’s control card (8 WPI) and the length is now 64 inches. That means that it shrunk about 10% in the wash. 

With that very little bit of sampling I learned the size of the singles I need to spin to get the size yarn I need at the finished dimensions. I’ll do the calculations for the amount of fiber I need to spin of this color for the project based on what I think I’ll need.

I’ll do same sampling for each of the other 3 colors, because the numbers might be different (different sheep, not my preparation).

Stay tuned. Let the spinning begin. Can you tell I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics while I spin?


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