Olympic Spinning and Weaving (Isn’t That A Sport Yet?)

Like many people around the globe, I have been watching the Olympic Games from Rio, over the last two weeks. And although I’ve continued to spin for the Churro Rug Project (see previous posts. And I’ll post on that progress soon), I did a little spinning just for the pure joy of it.

I’ve been inspired by the bright jewel tone colors of the graphics of the Rio Games and found a colorway from Yarn Hollow called Mythic Shield. It reminded me of those colors. It’s from a sheep breed called Blue Faced Leicester (BFL to fibery folks). Here’s what it looks like in braid form when I purchased it from Natural Stitches:

Here’s a couple of in-progress pictures while spinning:

And here’s what the skein looks like after I chain-plyed it into a 3-ply yarn:

To keep the colors from combining, chain-plying (also known as Navajo Plying) is a good technique to use. You take the singles yarn you’ve spun and make big (or small) loops as if you were crocheting. This presents three strands at a time to the wheel for plying. It makes a rounder yarn than a 2-ply, but let’s you keep all of one color together by watching to see when the next color you’ve spun comes up to be plyed.

As I think of it, chain-plying is rather like gymnastic spinning. Hmmm, maybe the Olympic committee should consider a new event.


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