Churro Rug Finished

I’m so excited to report that the Churro Rug project is complete. The yarn didn’t take as long to spin as I thought it would.

The linen went on the loom like a breeze. Because it was sett so wide apart, there weren’t that many threads. It took about 2-3 hours total to dress the loom.

Weaving, well that took a surprising amount of time. Making a rug that is weft-faced (means that the side-to-side yarn completely covers the up and down) means that you pack the weft yarn down tightly. This meant that I went back and forth a lot of times before even an inch of distance was covered.

The result is a solid, dense rug that will lay on the floor and not scoot away easily.

The big question for me when I was spinning the yarn was whether I’d get a thick enough yarn to match the commercial one used in the original pattern. I think I got quite close. It might have been a shade smaller, because the 4 repetitions of the pattern came out a few inches short of the projected length, but I’m pretty happy.

The other question was whether I’d estimated the right number of yards of yarn for the project. I knew if I needed more, I could spin more, having fiber left over. I had just enough.

The final process after the rug was off the loom, was to protect the weft yarn from coming loose. I did a Damascus Edge treatment and then twisted the ends into fringes.

I enjoyed the process and would definitely like to make another one (I have enough of each of the fleeces to do that).

 You can see, the cats approve.


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