Some Surprising Spinning Statistics

A friend asked me if I knew how many yards I’ve spun over the last three years. At first, I had no idea. Then I realized the thanks to Ravelry, I do know.

When I first began spinning. I entered each fiber purchase and then the yarn amounts that I made and then I’ve entered each project that I’ve made with this yarn. This kind of record keeping appeals to the analytical me.

Ravelry has a feature that allows you to download your “notebook” in Excel (Numbers) format. With a little sorting and simple formulas, here’s what I came up with:

2013-984 yards; 2014-7009 yards; 2015-5984 yards and; 2016 (so far through 9/1)-7370 yards. That’s a total of 21,347 yards!

I began spinning in July of 2013, so there was only part of a year, and I was learning and spinning entirely on a drop spindle.

Feeling proud!


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