Analog AND Digital

As I’ve probably said before, I usually struggle with being both an Analog and a Digital kind of person. That is, I enjoy doing things by hand as well as through digital formats.

I recently discovered for myself a way to feed both sides when I’m thinking through challenges.

I have been a Mindmapper/Ideamapper for several years thanks to Jamie Nast. This thinking tool appeals to the part of me that feels better when I can visualize something on one page in a visually interesting and inspiring way.

Analog MindMap/IdeaMap

But one thing I’ve found is that while I prefer to make maps by hand (without software that is designed to aid in this like Mindmanager, if I make something that is repeatable, I’d rather create a template and reuse it.

This is something that is difficult to do in an analog way because it means making the same thing over and over.

Then I realized that I have an app for the iPad called Procreate, that allows images to be imported and worked on in layers (like Photoshop for those who know what that is).

So, I can take a picture of the analog map, import it into Procreate, add a layer and start drawing or writing on the new layer and it re-uses the template and makes a new digital version, as well.

Digital Version With Added Layer

I have been testing this out over the last few days, and I love the freedom it gives me to make a template with care, and then call that template up to work on multiple challenges. Love this!


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