Spring Fiber Festivals

Not only is Spring the time for Shearing sheep in the northeast, but it’s also fiber festival season.

This year, I attended 2. The first was purely as a spectator at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in Friendship, Maryland (at the Howard County fairgrounds). It’s one of the largest fiber festivals in the country and a feast for those who love all things fiber-related.

The “Midway” at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

This year, the weather was seasonably chilly (it can be quite summery even for the first weekend in May) and rather rainy, which might have kept some people away.

But the vendors and exhibitors (educational sheep show and sheep herding demonstrations) were in full force.

The second festival was the annual Waynesburg Fiber Festival held at the Greene County fairgrounds in Pennsylvania. This time I was a participant in a fleece-to-shawl completition. Our team from the Loyalhannon Spinners took second place with a theme based on the ocean called: “Sunset on Dolphin Cove”. I was one of 3 Spinners and along with our “carder” and weaver, we made a shawl from raw (unwashed) fleece in 3 hours.

Our display, our team and the finished shawl

This is the 4th year that I was part of the team. So much fun andcamaraderie. 


One thought on “Spring Fiber Festivals

  1. Congrats looks like another beautiful shawl!! I missed all the festivals this year…not sure how that happened! We’re having a Spinning Together night at Knitsburgh on Thursday June 15. Maybe you can join us?? I miss seeing everyone!!


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