On Tidying and Pasta Making

For the last month, I’ve been enthralled with something called: The Japanese Art Of Tidying. A process developed by Marie Kondo. She has spent most of her young life trying to determine the best ways to organize clutter.

I think those that know me would agree that I try to be organized, but we all know there are ways to improve. I’ve been amazed at this process.

The short description of what she has found is that you keep only those things that “spark joy” in you. You do this by gathering all things, by category, touch each one, and see what the physical/emotional reaction is. In the end, You part with those that do not spark joy, and keep those that do. It’s a lengthy process, but an incredibly freeing one.

Here’s an example of my “gathering” of one category:

Paper Crafting Supplies Gathered

Here’s another:

Kitchen (Non-Food) Items Gathered

One surprise I encountered was in finding my pasta-making machine. At first I was ready to let this go, but there was a bit of a tug in my solar plexus area (maybe it was my heart), as I began to move it away from keeping it. My son suggested we keep it and I immediately agreed, although I didn’t know why. There was a small spark of joy.

Last night my son and I made homemade pasta and it brought back great memories of doing that with him when he was little (he’s nearly 25 now). I’m so glad that tug of joy happened.

So, we ate fresh pasta that tasted so good.

I am continuing the process of tidying, and trust the method to guide me through each category in the order suggested. If you’ve tried and not really succeeded in de-cluttering, give her books a read and watch the videos she and others have done. Truly a powerful experience.


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