First Knitted Shawl

Since I’ve been weaving, I haven’t had a desire to knit anymore. Well, that changed in the last couple of weeks. I saw a shawl knitted from handspun yarn that a spinning friend of mine made recently. It was beautiful. She kindly shared the pattern she used and I began working, using some Merino fiber I had spun on my spindle while traveling.

The colors are many shades of blues and purples with a little green. The pattern looks like diamond-shaped leaves.

I’ve never knitted lace before. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by it, but I’ve never been satisfied with knitting garments that have to fit so a shawl seemed like a good idea.

So I dove in and began knitting. Fortunately, the pattern was one that had the stitches written out, rather than the more modern “chart” form for lace. I was more than halfway through it when I encountered an error that I couldn’t repair.

So I unraveled it and started again, but not before I tried to understand how the pattern worked and where the increasing stitches were and how everything lined up.

When I began the second time, I was able to check myself in several places and fix any errors that I might have made. This made the process much more enjoyable and predictable.

I’m very happy with the result and already have some ideas for future ones with my handspun yarn. 

What it looked like while I was blocking it


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