Lions and Tigers and…Dinosaurs? Oh My

I recently purchased a new camera and had the opportunity to play with it at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. While there, I visited an exhibit of dinosaurs. What? Dinosaurs in a zoo?

These were amazing animatronic beautifully designed creatures complete with sound effects and some interactivity. Just fascinating. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend it. It’s only there until October 1st, so best not dally or they may become extinct, again.

Dinosaurs…at the zoo

I also completed my second knitted lace shawl. Almost as exotic as the dinosaurs, this was made with Cashmere from Ladakh India and Buffalo (Bison) from the US. It was a very intricate pattern, but once I put some checks and balances in place, by the third try (I finally gave in and found the use for a lifeline. For those who do not recognize this term, it’s not a “call a friend” variety, but yarn threaded through stitches that acts like a place holder in case you need to un-knit to fix a mistake) I was able to complete it. This was also the first time I have followed a chart rather than written stitch instructions. I’m a convert.

Cashmere Buffalo Shawl

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