The Challenges of Shipping

One of the things I’ve been selling under the Summerhill Spinner label has been fiber cups that I affectionately call “Paca-Cino”s. That’s because they are Alpaca fiber in a plastic dome-lid cup. I’ve layered different colored fiber that reminds me of fancy coffee drinks.

I have typically sold them in person to colleagues at my spinning groups. I’ve been asked if I sell them online and up until now I’ve said no, because I couldn’t figure out how to package them for shipping.

Well, over the last several days, my brain has been trying to solve this without resorting to excessive shipping materials. I’ve solved it and have now put them on the Etsy site.

These cups are being joined by my the next iteration called “Merino-Cino”s, because these are made with fine Merino wool, also in some interesting color combinations.

The third iteration is coming soon, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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