New Rug Adventure

This past couple of weeks, the weather in the northeast United States has been rather odd, with temperatures covering nearly every season. One particularly cold couple days seemed like a good time to make another braided rug.

I had a Shetland Fleece (from a sheep named “Olivia”) that was mostly white with some small patches of brown. I wanted to try to dye some of the fiber in my favorite shade of blue:

Then, I wanted to mix some of that blue fiber with some of the natural white to get a partially-blended medium blue:

As is usually the case when I’m making a rug, I have an idea in my head, but I let the design evolve as I go.

I began braiding with the natural white, and then gradually added in a strand of the blended blue:

Then 2 strands of blended blue and then I put one strand of the solid blue in place of one of the blended ones, but kept one strand of white until I’d transitioned to blended and solid blue.

I thought this was where the rug would end.

This is how the braids looked before I felted them. It’s my way of designing as I go, and also documenting the order of the braids so after I felt them, I can fit them back together, rather like a puzzle.

After felting the braids, I began to lace them.

When the rug was “complete”, I looked at it and didn’t like the proportion or the waviness of the edge. This was not how I wanted to finish off the rug.

I mulled it over and the next morning, I decided to see if I had enough white roving left to do a “frame” around the outside.

Voila! It’s what I needed to see in the finish rug. Every time I make something, I learn. I hope I never stop learning!


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