Sheep Shearing Day

Yesterday was my annual trip to help at the Truckner Farm (Twin Springs Farm) shearing. My job is to run the skirting table and keep track of all the fleeces that have been reserved for sale. This year there were a lot of reserved fleeces and Sandy wants a small sample of the wool from the mid-back area to keep with her breeding records for all the reserved fleeces.

I was wondering how the quality of the fleeces would be after all the rain we had this past summer, but only one or two of the nearly 30 fleeces showed any signs of felting. They were all healthy and larger than usual.

There were several ewes that looked ready to lamb, and particularly so once they were shorn.

Almost all the fleeces were sold yesterday, leaving very few for choosing later. So of course I had to come home with a few.

We also had a scrumptious lunch afterward with food provided by all the volunteers. We had over a dozen such wonderful souls. It’s always fun, but exhausting, too.

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