Planning Ah

ead. Well, didn’t we learn in school about planning ahead? I’m thinking about the times when I’ve tried to write something on a line and then gotten to the end of the line before I got to the end of my word. I encountered that this week with a knitted T-Shirt I’m making. It’s made … More Planning Ah

What Is Precious?

The most recent project that I’ve been working on is to weave another bath towel using hand spun cotton yarn. I made one a few months ago, and had some warp threads leftover. You always do, because there are threads that are behind the shafts on the loom that will never weave in. These are … More What Is Precious?

10,000 Hours

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book Outliers that you become an expert in a task that you practice for 10,000 hours. Essentially, he’s equating a large number of hours spent with proficiency in that task. For me, I’m crossing that threshold this year for my fiber artisan work. By the way, I’ve always had difficulty … More 10,000 Hours

New Rug Adventure

This past couple of weeks, the weather in the northeast United States has been rather odd, with temperatures covering nearly every season. One particularly cold couple days seemed like a good time to make another braided rug. I had a Shetland Fleece (from a sheep named “Olivia”) that was mostly white with some small patches … More New Rug Adventure