Sheep Shearing Day

Yesterday was my annual trip to help at the Truckner Farm (Twin Springs Farm) shearing. My job is to run the skirting table and keep track of all the fleeces that have been reserved for sale. This year there were a lot of reserved fleeces and Sandy wants a small sample of the wool from … More Sheep Shearing Day

Nature’s Wonders

Amazing the things that are in our own backyard. I always thought this tree was growing in a spiral. Then, after looking at the pictures I took, I realized that it’s a vine that’s spiraled up the trunk of this tree and the tree is trying to grow around it.

Words, Words, Words

As the new year comes in, I usually find myself re-examining what is most important to me. Oddly, I often find that I’m inundated with words. Funny, when you think how much I enjoy writing. It is refreshing, however, to make the use of words a bit more conscious rather than riding the tide of … More Words, Words, Words

Being Invisible

The kind of photography that I’ve always been partial to, is taking those candid shots that show detail but are taken from the kind of distance that means the subject is unaware of you. In other words, “to be invisible”. I recently bought a small telephoto lens for my camera, and it reminded me how … More Being Invisible

Ah, Nature

Just thought I’d share. Don’t know what kind of butterfly this is, but I’m glad to know my overgrown mint is benefitting someone.