Slow Fiber

A few years ago, a colleague gave me a huge bag of “raw cotton”, that she got from someone who probably picked it up as leftovers from machine-harvested cotton. The machines leave a lot behind when they go through the fields. I said I’d take it because my favorite thing to spin is cotton. I … More Slow Fiber

Preparation Matters

Last weekend, I participated in the annual Fleece-To-Shawl competition at the Waynesburg Sheep and Fiber Festival. We had a team of 5 people (carder, 3 Spinners and Weaver-me). Over the last several months we had been practicing. Most of the practice centered around our Spinners. As usual, we had a limited time at the competition … More Preparation Matters

10,000 Hours

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book Outliers that you become an expert in a task that you practice for 10,000 hours. Essentially, he’s equating a large number of hours spent with proficiency in that task. For me, I’m crossing that threshold this year for my fiber artisan work. By the way, I’ve always had difficulty … More 10,000 Hours

Sheep Shearing Day

Yesterday was my annual trip to help at the Truckner Farm (Twin Springs Farm) shearing. My job is to run the skirting table and keep track of all the fleeces that have been reserved for sale. This year there were a lot of reserved fleeces and Sandy wants a small sample of the wool from … More Sheep Shearing Day

Getting Ready

I’m preparing to apply for Artisan Status with a group of craftsmen in Western New York, that my father helped to found. It’s the modern group that came from Elbert Hubbard’s Roycroft. My grandfather was a copper and silver smith in the original group and my father was one of four founders of the modern … More Getting Ready

Time To Review

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Or so the song goes. I’ve always thought so. As we head into the traditional holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah followed by the New Year, I’ve always loved to take stock and be re-energized. I just re-read all my old blog posts, just because I was looking … More Time To Review