Fall Fiber Festivals

It’s that time of year when the kids have gone back to school and the thermometer is trying to dip to more manageable levels (at least we hope so) and, the light changes to a lower angle signaling Autumn. I had the chance to attend the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in Berryville, VA last weekend. … More Fall Fiber Festivals

Spring Fiber Festivals

Not only is Spring the time for Shearing sheep in the northeast, but it’s also fiber festival season. This year, I attended 2. The first was purely as a spectator at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in Friendship, Maryland (at the Howard County fairgrounds). It’s one of the largest fiber festivals in the country … More Spring Fiber Festivals


Some people might think of beautiful flowers from far off lands, or animals that brighten zoos and aquariums. Me, I think of fiber and the yarns I can make with them. This week I finished spinning an exotic fiber called Qiviut. It’s the downy undercoat of a musk ox. This ancient animals (around at the … More Exotics

Alaska Mapped

On our recent vacation to Alaska (bucket list; check), I wanted to try to remember the details. It was a two-week trip, and I knew, based on past experience, that if I didn’t make notes as I went along, I would have no hope of remembering once we got back. So, a MindMap/IdeaMap seemed like … More Alaska Mapped

Alpaca Dreams

For the last few weeks, I’ve been spinning some Alpaca with Firestar that I bought at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in January. I decided to spin it on a nice Rosewood drop spindle that I could take on the road with me. As you might be able to tell from previous posts, I’ve been visiting … More Alpaca Dreams

Wichita 2

This weekend I was in Wichita, Kansas again and was able to take pictures of the “Keeper of The Plains” statue.  The whole plaza and statue area are peaceful and a great place to spin, also.