Spring Fiber Festivals

Not only is Spring the time for Shearing sheep in the northeast, but it’s also fiber festival season. This year, I attended 2. The first was purely as a spectator at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in Friendship, Maryland (at the Howard County fairgrounds). It’s one of the largest fiber festivals in the country … More Spring Fiber Festivals


Some people might think of beautiful flowers from far off lands, or animals that brighten zoos and aquariums. Me, I think of fiber and the yarns I can make with them. This week I finished spinning an exotic fiber called Qiviut. It’s the downy undercoat of a musk ox. This ancient animals (around at the … More Exotics

Alaska Mapped

On our recent vacation to Alaska (bucket list; check), I wanted to try to remember the details. It was a two-week trip, and I knew, based on past experience, that if I didn’t make notes as I went along, I would have no hope of remembering once we got back. So, a MindMap/IdeaMap seemed like … More Alaska Mapped

Alpaca Dreams

For the last few weeks, I’ve been spinning some Alpaca with Firestar that I bought at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in January. I decided to spin it on a nice Rosewood drop spindle that I could take on the road with me. As you might be able to tell from previous posts, I’ve been visiting … More Alpaca Dreams

Wichita 2

This weekend I was in Wichita, Kansas again and was able to take pictures of the “Keeper of The Plains” statue.  The whole plaza and statue area are peaceful and a great place to spin, also.    


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Wichita, Kansas, where my son is doing musical theatre productions for MTWichita. While there I visited the Mid America All Indian Center. It was listed in a Wichita tourist guide and sounded like something fun to see. It was. I’d never been to Wichita before and was interested … More Heritage