Time To Review

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Or so the song goes. I’ve always thought so. As we head into the traditional holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah followed by the New Year, I’ve always loved to take stock and be re-energized. I just re-read all my old blog posts, just because I was looking … More Time To Review

Analog AND Digital

As I’ve probably said before, I usually struggle with being both an Analog and a Digital kind of person. That is, I enjoy doing things by hand as well as through digital formats. I recently discovered for myself a way to feed both sides when I’m thinking through challenges. I have been a Mindmapper/Ideamapper for … More Analog AND Digital

Words, Words, Words

As the new year comes in, I usually find myself re-examining what is most important to me. Oddly, I often find that I’m inundated with words. Funny, when you think how much I enjoy writing. It is refreshing, however, to make the use of words a bit more conscious rather than riding the tide of … More Words, Words, Words

Toltec Supplement

Here are some quotes that I found helpful as they relate to the earlier post from today: “The truth needs to be experienced. Humans have the need to describe, to explain, to express what we perceive, but when we experience the truth, there are no words to describe it.” Words distort it. “It’s no longer … More Toltec Supplement

Toltec Wisdom Continued and Why I Create

After writing the previous post, I realized that I didn’t mention the fourth agreement: “Always do your best.” This principle runs through everything, and like the others, might seem easy to accomplish.  Well, it is if you understand that it doesn’t mean some imagined perfection. It is a principle whose application changes depending on how … More Toltec Wisdom Continued and Why I Create

Toltec Wisdom

For several years, I’ve been reading about a group of ancient Mexican people called the Toltecs. A man named Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a “simple” book called “The Four Agreements“. I first heard about this from someone who was also studying Mindmapping. I was intrigued and read the book, nearly in one sitting. It is … More Toltec Wisdom

A Writer’s Voice

Not long ago (2/9/16 to be exact), I heard a story on NPR about a writer who has been quite successful in her writing career (she’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist), but had decided to make a change by writing only in Italian. Her name is Jhumpa Lahiri. You can read about her at randomhouse.com. What attracted … More A Writer’s Voice

The Archiver

I’ve been doing my annual scrapbooks and one for our trip to Alaska last Fall. As I do these projects, I’m asking myself “why?” I’ve found that when I do something as a routine event, I want to ask myself why, so that I’m sure that I’m doing it for a valid and current reason. … More The Archiver

Alaska Mapped

On our recent vacation to Alaska (bucket list; check), I wanted to try to remember the details. It was a two-week trip, and I knew, based on past experience, that if I didn’t make notes as I went along, I would have no hope of remembering once we got back. So, a MindMap/IdeaMap seemed like … More Alaska Mapped