Nature’s Wonders

Amazing the things that are in our own backyard. I always thought this tree was growing in a spiral. Then, after looking at the pictures I took, I realized that it’s a vine that’s spiraled up the trunk of this tree and the tree is trying to grow around it. Advertisements

Words, Words, Words

As the new year comes in, I usually find myself re-examining what is most important to me. Oddly, I often find that I’m inundated with words. Funny, when you think how much I enjoy writing. It is refreshing, however, to make the use of words a bit more conscious rather than riding the tide of … More Words, Words, Words

Family Traditions

As we head into the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about family traditions. In my short time spinning and weaving, I’ve enjoyed exploring patterns and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation around the world. Most recently, the rug that I wove from handspun churro fleeces  tapped into the Native American traditions. … More Family Traditions


Some people might think of beautiful flowers from far off lands, or animals that brighten zoos and aquariums. Me, I think of fiber and the yarns I can make with them. This week I finished spinning an exotic fiber called Qiviut. It’s the downy undercoat of a musk ox. This ancient animals (around at the … More Exotics

Flax Scutching (Huh?)

Every year for the last 109 years in Stahlstown, Pennsylvania, there is a Flax Scutching Festival. Nowadays, it’s held to commemorate the process of turning Flax into Linen for spinning. In the early 1700s, people would grow acres of flax plants because they needed to have the linen cloth made from it for their clothing, … More Flax Scutching (Huh?)

Churro Rug Finished

I’m so excited to report that the Churro Rug project is complete. The yarn didn’t take as long to spin as I thought it would. The linen went on the loom like a breeze. Because it was sett so wide apart, there weren’t that many threads. It took about 2-3 hours total to dress the … More Churro Rug Finished

Olympic Spinning and Weaving (Isn’t That A Sport Yet?)

Like many people around the globe, I have been watching the Olympic Games from Rio, over the last two weeks. And although I’ve continued to spin for the Churro Rug Project (see previous posts. And I’ll post on that progress soon), I did a little spinning just for the pure joy of it. I’ve been … More Olympic Spinning and Weaving (Isn’t That A Sport Yet?)