Churro Rug Finished

I’m so excited to report that the Churro Rug project is complete. The yarn didn’t take as long to spin as I thought it would. The linen went on the loom like a breeze. Because it was sett so wide apart, there weren’t that many threads. It took about 2-3 hours total to dress the … More Churro Rug Finished

Olympic Spinning and Weaving (Isn’t That A Sport Yet?)

Like many people around the globe, I have been watching the Olympic Games from Rio, over the last two weeks. And although I’ve continued to spin for the Churro Rug Project (see previous posts. And I’ll post on that progress soon), I did a little spinning just for the pure joy of it. I’ve been … More Olympic Spinning and Weaving (Isn’t That A Sport Yet?)

Being Invisible

The kind of photography that I’ve always been partial to, is taking those candid shots that show detail but are taken from the kind of distance that means the subject is unaware of you. In other words, “to be invisible”. I recently bought a small telephoto lens for my camera, and it reminded me how … More Being Invisible

Being Inspired

In the middle of May, my spinning guild once again participated in a fleece-to-shawl competition at the Waynesburg Fiber Festival. This year, we chose a theme based on the book series and TV shows “Outlander.” The Scottish highlands are very inspiring to me, as is this series. We dressed our display in all things Scottish, … More Being Inspired